Saltpile #3

                                                            The Viking

                                                            The Viking

Shooting film

has always been an art enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike. Today, film photography is a blend of new and old tech, as we select different materials to output our precious images onto and frames to
wrap around them.

Film delivers

a unique set of tones, colors and shades. Our high quality film scans maintain those subtle and smooth gradations of color and tone, that just come naturally to film.

What I do

is shoot objects and landscapes with the interior designer / art buyer in mind. Topics vary, but prices are based on size of the reproduction purchased. Please ask for a price list here. All work ( unless noted ) is shot on film and can be printed on archival photo papers ( C Print ) or any number of inkjet materials.

About the work

Joe Greene is a career photographer shooting film all around the world. New galleries here will include a black and white 5 year study of bikers and Joe's well known architectural detail images of Back Bay / Beacon Hill.


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